Congratulations! 10 Finalists of DVA Batch 0

Why Digital Ventures Accelerator?

DVA is an accelerator run by people who understand the frustration of scaling a startup and believe we can do something a little different to fix that problem. Launching in November, 2016

Our vision is simple. We are aiming to create the best Startup Accelerator the region has ever known. To achieve that, we are focusing on the following:

  • We accept only fully committed teams with a finished product or a working prototype into a small and flexible batch size
  • Intensive curriculum focusing on startup fundamentals and a dedicated mentorship program
  • A cheque size that match the best accelerator in the world
  • Relentless support post demo day and tangible corporate partnership program


Now - 31 August 2016
Application submission period
15 September 2016
1st round qualifier announcement
16 – 30 September 2016
1 October 2016
10 DVA program finalist announcement
15 October 2016
1 November 2016
DVA program starts
November – April 2017
6-month intensive program

Eligible Startups*

  • Potentially disruptive ideas with working prototype or finished product (special consideration for FinTech)
  • Global ambition in Founders
  • Thai footprints (At least one Thai founder or incorporate in Thailand)
  • *Selection criteria is subject to change without prior notice.

What we offer

  • Every selected team will receive 300,000 baht in grant money (no equity taken)
  • A dedicated mentor to work exclusively with each team for the entire program
  • Acceleration in a 6-month tailor-made essential program with intense, hands-on mentorship from Digital Ventures Mentors. An optional 3-month extension depending on the need of the startup
  • An option to get seed funding in the range of 1 to 6 million baht for 7% of equity between program
  • Free access to work space for 6 months
  • Access to SCB customers and legal support from Digital Ventures
  • Opportunity to join both local and international conferences / events
  • Direct connection to VC funds and other investors
  • Leverage world-class technology / platform from our investment portfolio
  • Growth hacking consultation
  • An opportunity to pitch to SCB top executives from every business units
  • Access to world class speakers
  • A demo day to present in front of top VCs and investors
  • A relentless support post-demo day


Who can apply to the DVA program?

The DVA program is focused on Thailand based startups or startups with at least one Thai co-founder, that aim to disrupt their industry and expand globally.

What do I have to do in order to join the program?

Complete the application form, try your best to help us in understanding your startup, we will then be in contact for further interviews after screening applications.

How long is the program?

It is 6-month cohort-based program with an optional extension.

What happens at Digital Ventures Accelerator?

DVA provides mentorship workshops, education on all know-how and advise for speeding up the growth of startups, such as legal knowledge, direction of managing the startups, etc. We would like our DVA companies to be in Bangkok for the duration of the mentorship sessions, where we could meet and conduct classes at least once a week, our goal is to speed up the growth of the startup in a short period of time. We also organize startup events where a network of founders from other startups could meet and exchange exciting ideas, our DVA companies will have the premium opportunity in building up networks with like-minded entrepreneurs, mentors, speakers and investors.

What if I have an office, do I have to work at your office space?

We offer an optional office space for your startup’s operation during your stay in our program. It’s not mandatory to work at our office space. However, our mentorship meetings and all classes are mandatory in our office in Bangkok, on various situations we could also arrange Skype meetings.

Do I have to incorporate my company?

No. We focus on founders and ideas. However, in order to receive 300,000 baht grant or follow on investment, the company needs to be incorporated.

What is unique about the Digital Ventures Accelerator program?

Digital Ventures is a customer-acquisition focused accelerator. We collaborate with other accelerators as well as leveraging on our 12 million of Siam Commercial Bank customer base and the cutting edge technology to support the startup to grow exponentially.

Does DVA take equity in startups?

Depends. Every team selected into the program will receive 300,000 baht in grant money which means we don’t take equity. During the program, if we decide to invest further in your company, we take 7% of equity with a minimum investment of 1,000,000 baht.

How does the mentorship work?

DVA companies will have to attend weekly mandatory mentorship workshops in a duration of around 12 weeks. Depending on your products and business models, we will hand pick a mentor that matches what you need for the exponential growth.

Does it have to be a FinTech company in order to apply to the DVA program?

No. At DV we believe in any disruptive innovation, if you think your startup and products are unique and have the potential, apply.

How many companies will be selected?

We plan to select 10 companies every batch. However, our standard is very high, so that it’s not a must for us to pick up to 10 companies and we are willing to accept more than 10 companies if the companies meet our standard.

What if my program is not finished after 6 months?

We understand that different types of startups would require different amount of time to develop, the program is designed for 6 months, but if the startup is not ready, you could extend your stay and prepare for the next demo.

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