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DVAb0 Knowledge Sharing: “Facebook 101: ‘Why advertise on Facebook?” by Seekster

DIGITAL VENTURES March 31, 2017 4:44 AM


Online advertising is becoming an essential online marketing tool and there are several channels for entrepreneurs to promote products. For instance, Facebook is a channel proven quite influential among Thai consumers as observed from the increasing statistics throughout the years. Today, DVAb0 startup team, Seekster, will share the key concerns when advertising via Facebook. Read on to learn more about how to boost your revenue.

Content is King

Successful advertisement involves content as the king because content fulfills human’s natural behavior. Fun people will share funny and delightful content while those who like to exchange knowledgeable content often share insightful tips. Once entrepreneurs understand their audience, they can create Facebook ads that complement the products. Good content development can invite viewers to browse, read, and purchase. Entrepreneurs need to capture insights and identify the needs of the target audience.

Breaking Down Facebook “Ads Setting”

Once the ad space on Facebook is selected as the tool, the settings are most important. This is because this categorization highly affects the reach of Facebook users. Tips on the settings are shared below.

  1. Objectives must match the demand.

The initial concern in settings is the objective. Random choices are not recommended as each selection provides distinct outcomes. It is important that the objective of the ad is clearly defined.

  1. Select for better evaluation.

Under Conversion, we must specify the Link or Page that we want the audience to visit. Once the audience clicks to view, the system will process and deliver statistics which can be used to compare with the invested amount to measure value for money.

  1. Specific settings for the right audience.

Your Audience must never be overlooked. Normally, entrepreneurs want to attract audiences with “Interest” that tend to purchase. However, we can also specifically set targeted audience by location or demographics such as age, sex, or language. This can further enhance penetration to the target audience.

  1. Advertise like a Pro.

Facebook ads can be an efficient tool for your page. You can choose to place the ad in various feeds or have it seeded on the main page. For better ad recall, the latter option is recommended.

Facebook Ads “Metrics”

In measuring the effectiveness of the ad, these stats can be used to analyze the correlation and used for further prioritization.

  1. CPM or Cost Per 1,000 Impressions is the number of audiences that see the ad and the cost used (per 1,000 audiences). This can indicate how interesting and appealing the posted captions are to the audience.

  2. CTR or Click-through Rate is used to indicate the attractiveness of the ad. For example, if 1,000 audiences see the ad, how many people click the ad. The higher CTR, the better.

  3. CPC is Cost per Click. The indicator of a successful ad is the click rate. The clicks tell us how appealing the ad is and indicates the effectiveness of the space where the ad is posted. CPC can be used to better plan marketing strategies.

  4. CPL is Cost per Lead. The return on investment may not be revenue but is the details of the amount of information that visiting audience clicks to see.

Multi-time frame Tracking

Defining the time frame for data collecting, such as every 3 days, is quite crucial for data analysis. The selection shall consider factors such as holidays or important events and avoid disrupting factors. Fine selection can lead to accurate information that can efficiently measure ad effectiveness.

Thank you Seekster for the useful information

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