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It’s a Wrap for DVAb1 and Demo Day – Get to know the 10 teams from their traction

DIGITAL VENTURES April 20, 2018 10:39 AM


Digital Ventures Accelerator is a program which accelerates startup. In its 2nd year, the Digital Ventures Accelerator Batch 1 cultivates under the concept Unfold Local, Connect Global. This aims to promote and drive Thai startups in the program with strong business fundamentals that will equip them towards the international arena.

10 startups in the Digital Ventures Accelerator Batch 1

The 10 startup teams from the DVAb1 are 1) ChomCHOB 2) Dootv Media 3) ENERGY RESPONSE 4) Event Banana 5) Happenn 6) JuiceInnov8 7) Meticuly 8) MyCloudFulfillment 9) Ooca 10) Sellorate  

The DVAb1 Demo Day is an important day for the startup. It is when they can present their business plan to the distinguished committee from abroad, the press, and investors. The event, organized in March 2018, gave all 10 teams a great chance to show the abilities that they have learned throughout DVAb1’s six months program.

The winners are:

  • “Gold Award” goes to “Meticuly”, design and production platform of custom-made artificial bones using 3D printing technology, winning 250,000 USD investment offer (8 million THB).
  •  “Silver Award” goes to “MyCloudFulfillment”, comprehensive inventory and logistics solution provider, winning 150,000 USD investment offer (4.8 million THB).
  • “Bronze Award” goes to “Energy Response”, an online platform for intelligent energy management in buildings, winning 75,000 USD investment offer (2.4 million USD).
  • Popular Vote” from visitors attending the pitching event. The winner is Meticuly, winning 6-month legal advisory valued 400,000 THB from Baker & McKenzie.

Moreover, 7 other startups in the program received an investment offer of 1 million THB from Digital Ventures.

The event also provided free booklets to visitors for them to get to know and better understand the business of all 10 startups in the DVAb1. See their traction below.



Not only is this a program open for startups in a single field, but DVAb1 has joined and support startups who focus on a variety of technology including Deep Tech such as Artificial Intelligence, Bio-Technology, and Data Science, all of which are beneficial to the startup ecosystem and the future.

In its first batch in 2017, Digital Ventures Accelerator Batch 0 or DVAb0 winner is OneStockHome, platform developer for construction materials which, today, has spun off to several other businesses.

This year, although the Demo Day and Digital Ventures Accelerator program has come to an end, we will still be updating you on more stories about all 10 startups in the DVAb1 and Digital Ventures Accelerator. Follow us here at the Digital Ventures website, blog, and page.