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Get to Know 7 Startups with Quantum Computing Applications

DIGITAL VENTURES May 29, 2018 11:06 AM


When we talk about Deep Tech that altered the way we use technology, surely, Quantum Computing comes to mind. It has a unique processing system that surpasses traditional computers, and, with its special feature, it requires a different set of knowledge-based innovation. Today, startups who drive this technology are ready to let us in on the new experience. So, Digital Ventures wishes to familiarize you with startups from around the world who have developed services and products from Quantum Computing.

Why startups are significant to Quantum Computing?

We often share stories of Quantum Computing development from tech giants like IBM or Google which helped us see how this technology is becoming applicable. However, if we look at the timeline, Quantum Computing is considered to be moving slower than it should be. As of today, Quantum Computers are almost 20 years old, yet, their application in a wider scope is not as prevalent and this contradicts with its capability. This is because, in the past, only large corporates can build and access this technology.

Nowadays, technologies are more accessible. This includes Quantum Computing that can now be accessed through cloud computing. Therefore, startups are able to get hold of more knowledge and resources to help them produce new products and solutions with Quantum Computing. This is why we are beginning to see applications of Quantum Computing in various industries. Also, startups often possess different and fresh ideas that drive the ecosystem, especially to develop technologies that can be commercialized in a well-defined market.

7 startups who study and apply Quantum Computing to businesses



From the USA, Rigetti is an API developer for Quantum Computer on the cloud that can be modified for many applications. Today, Rigetti’s Forest system is integrated with machine learning to develop computers for Quantum Chemistry research.



Post Quantum 

From the UK, Post Quantum offers solutions for cybersecurity using Quantum Computing. It utilizes Quantum Computing in the process from storage to data transmission, thus, providing extreme security. Also, it is capable of designing different solutions to fit the objectives of each user.



Cambridge Quantum Computer

From the UK, Cambridge Quantum Computer is a startup in Quantum Computing with a variety of products and services. They own operating systems for Quantum Computer, encryption by Quantum Computing, security system for the cryptocurrency, and also, AI designed to specifically work with Quantum Computing.



Zapata Computing

From the USA, Zapata Computing is a startup in Quantum Computing that is unique for its team of developers from Harvard University professors and researchers. They focus on creating algorithms on Quantum Computing for chemical research, machine learning, security systems, and debugs.




From the USA, Qubitekk is a Quantum Computing startup that develops platforms and solutions, especially on Quantum Computing. The system is encrypted with Quantum Key Distribution for users’ communication, Quantum Cryptography for computers’ communication, to hardware for scientific research based on Quantum Computing.



QC Ware 

From the USA, QC Ware is a startup who develops software for Quantum Computing. They focus on solution design for both the public and private sectors. Today, they have signed system design agreements with NASA and several other Fortune 500 corporates.




From Canada, 1QBit specializes in software design that supports both traditional and Quantum Computers so that it is applicable instantly and is adaptable for Quantum Computer in the future. Moreover, this is among the startups that Digital Ventures recently invested. We hope to grow from 1QBit’s innovation and enhance the finance and banking sector. At the same time, we wish to improve our services for asset allocation, wealth management, risk management, and tackle cybersecurity in the long term.

Quantum Computing is a tech trend that is spotlighted and welcomed by various organizations. Also, it is given more support in the startup ecosystem despite the fact that most developments are still in the early stage. We hope that this technology can help solve today’s problems and play significant roles in the near future.