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Quantum Computing Application in Industries That Will Affect Lives in the Future.

DIGITAL VENTURES April 26, 2018 6:59 AM


Speaking of Deep Tech, Digital Ventures recently shared about Quantum Computer, a technology that was much welcomed by readers. We talked about what it is and the basics of how it works. However, we believe that many are quite curious about how an atom-scale computer can be applied in real life, especially in sectors such as science, safety, and even in our daily lives. Today, we will show you some ideas that originated from the development of Quantum Computing in different industries. Let’s see how it has become an innovation that will shake the world in the near future.

Medicine from chemical research at a molecule-scale.

Today, medication has greatly advanced. It is a result of chemical research at a molecule-scale. Scientists are able to better understand how diseases form and invented cures from such research. This is the reason why there are higher needs to research at smaller scales. Such complexity surpasses the capability of traditional computers, thus, scientists began to utilize Quantum Computers. They are used to build models of the tiniest substance and chemicals which has led to discoveries of new molecules that are the source of the disease. Also, it helped to develop ways to suppress and cure diseases at a molecule-scale via new medicines.



Next level of digital safety with Quantum Key Distribution.

Nowadays, we use the computer in so many for our transactions. Although storage management technologies such as the Blockchain is highly secure, yet we need a key and lock to make it even safer. This is where Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) can help. It uses a special process unique to Quantum Computing such as superposition to create a lock that can’t be decoded with traditional computers. They are encoded by Quantum Computing and send via the internet. Then, to unlock the data, the key is sent via the network of the Quantum Computer which requires a connection by fiber cables that has a special hacking detection system. The advantage is that even though the hacker gets hold of the data, they can’t read the encryption and if the hacker gets hold of the key, the Quantum can detect it and inform the user. Today, QKD is piloted in some states in the USA.



Social Innovator: Supporting city planning system, innovation for better living.

Although the technology for traffic planning via online maps are available on smartphones, yet the complexity of the city, number of vehicles, and other factors hinder accurate computing. The idea of using Quantum Computing to support this complexity can tremendously outperform the performance of today’s computer. This is done by connecting the Internet of Things network installed in cars. They can advise each car to find the fastest route that has the least effect on the overall traffic. This not only can be used to manage everyday tasks but can also be used for logistics that drives the country’s economy and even provide ambulances with the best route as every second count. 




Nitrogenase enzyme and global warming exploration by Quantum Computing.

Nowadays, agriculture still depends on fertilizer. However, the process of making fertilizer consumes much energy which is about 1% of the global energy demand annually. Moreover, much pollution is created along the manufacturing process. Recently, researchers discovered that the fertilizer fermentation process occurs from the enzyme Nitrogenase in bacteria which helps synthesize fertilizer using nitrogen in the air. However, the enzyme is highly complex in that supercomputers use up to 100 days to compute, replicate, and process data. So, researchers began to use Quantum Computing for the process which helped reduce the time to one day. This allowed researchers to replicate how Nitrogenase works to develop a fertilizer making process that consumes less energy. Today, the product is in the developing process into becoming commercialize.




Helping NASA explore the universe.

Not only is Quantum Computing useful for tiny and complex explorations, but they are also used by explorers beyond the premises of the earth. Today, NASA supports Quantum Computer development and is seeking ways to combine it with Deep Tech such as machine learning and AI for space probes. Surely, we shall be seeing more discoveries that are uncovered by the power of Quantum Computers.

Quantum Computing: Among the Deep Tech that is driving Thailand.


From the above samples, we see that Quantum Computing has unimaginable capabilities available in science, economic, and social sectors. Thus, this technology should prove useful for Thailand. Those with ideas to use Quantum Computing for different services or are passionate about advancing the country with innovation can join U.REKA. This project aims to support and encourage Thai startups in Deep Tech innovation in the long term. For more information, please visit

It can be seen that from a tiny spec of atoms to space explorations, the power of Quantum Computing can be applied for innovative results that benefit our lives in every aspect. Follow us for more stories about Quantum Computer and Deep Tech.

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