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Special Interview: Jeffrey Char, Special Mentor for Digital Ventures Accelerator

DIGITAL VENTURES December 26, 2016 2:21 PM


Jeffrey Char, the CEO of J-Seed Ventures, a technology consultant and management company and a venture incubator in Tokyo, Japan, is one of the serial entrepreneurs who established many companies before. Today, he travels a lot to speak and share his experience and knowledge with entrepreneurs in many countries. This time, Jeffrey Char was here to meet with our 10 startup teams entering into the Digital Ventures Accelerator Batch 0 (DVAb0) and gave advice to individual team. He also gave this exclusive interview to bid farewell to 2016.

How do you feel being the exclusive mentor for DVAb0?

I am pleased to mentor the 10 DVAb0 teams. I am impressed with them. Most are trying to find their own business models. Some have already progressed well to the business expansion phase. But what all of them have in common is their energy and passion.

What advice have you given to them?

Different teams had many different questions. Two most frequently asked questions I have are 1) who are their target customers and 2) what problems their customers are waiting for them to help solve. I usually ask these two questions because most entrepreneurs are confused about what they are doing. Most of them end up producing goods and services that do not directly address customers’ real needs. Some customers might like it. However, if they are not their target customers, they might not be able to survive in this business.

What do you think of Thai startups?

Thai startups have gone far from a few years back. Many of them have good knowledge and grow up a lot. I hope to see greater development in them and see them receiving more support.

What advice do you have for Startups when they have to meet with venture capitalist?

I want them to focus on satisfying customers. If they can efficiently do customer validation, then they have greater opportunity to be successful in fund mobilization.

Jeffrey Char

Exclusive One-on-One Mentor for Digital Ventures Accelerator