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Get to Know Food Tech: More than just life’s necessities

DIGITAL VENTURES June 12, 2018 8:23 AM


People consume food every day, therefore, the food industry development has existed throughout time. Also, it drives other industries by linking sectors such as services, retails, hotels, and airlines, all of which, give much importance to food. Food is life’s necessity and crucial to mankind, thus, technology is used to improve food, and this marked the beginning of food technology. Not only does it improve the quality, but it also helps the planet. Let’s take a look at how it is done.

What is considered as Food Tech?

The scope of Food Tech extends widely and overlaps various industries and technologies. Food Tech is short for Food Technology. It includes technologies that improve what we eat to energize our bodies.

Improvement of food in Food Tech is not confined to only what we eat, but includes production that is convenient, fast, safe, and last longer, all of which, aiming to provide higher satisfaction. This could be better tastes, new experiences or even services. Moreover, producers may consider the diversity of preference, culture, and health such as milk for protein intolerance customers and extracting sugar to get a truly healthy juice.



Food Tech also extends to technologies used in the food supply chain and distribution channels. An example is on-demand food delivery service or table booking via the internet as well as applications for a supermarket that deliver raw materials to the home.

Food Tech originated from a marketplace platform that connects farmers and buyers. In 2011, customers in France directly gained access to high-quality food and raw materials from the homes of local farmers. For farmers, they benefit from the guaranteed distribution channel and this has led to a community that collaborates to improve the quality and service, all of which, are dependent on today’s technology.

In short, every product and solution relating to food and the use of technology is considered as Food Tech. Today, Food Tech not only deliver scrumptious food but tries to solve larger problems concerning food. Therefore, it has extended to the transparency for the food’s origin to new production processes that are environmental-friendly. This also meant higher competition for sellers but beneficial outcomes for consumers.



Food Innovation: Combining technology to Food Tech.

Based on the objective to acquire high-quality food, Food Tech has combined other related technology which resulted in examples as follow:

  • BioTech – The food we consume everyday originates from living organisms on the planet. To uplift food’s quality, we have integrated biotechnology to create meat from plants which required extracting and synthesizing special proteins. 
  • AgTech or Agricultural Technology – Human wouldn’t be able to produce so much food without the use of agricultural technology in farming. Today, new agricultural technology helps increase the quality of products and more environment-friendly innovation are introduced to the industry.
  • Health Tech – Good food must provide the body with the proper amount of energy and we can never tell the appropriate amount if we lack Health Tech. Therefore, Health Tech gives an idea on the direction that Food Tech development should be heading. In the future, there may be food that is created with the proper nutrients for each individual.

Food Tech is often grouped with these technologies as they are categorized as food production and health technology.



Food Tech and Food Innovation: Effects that rock the world.

Food Tech was not created just for the consumers, but solutions are created to help solve environmental problems caused by food production. Some solutions that are solving the problems today are as follow:

  • Low carbon agriculture. Agriculture is surprisingly a major cause of pollution. It emits greenhouse gas at the proportion of 1 in 3 and consumes tremendous water and land. Therefore, a development of a synthesized protein that can replace meat will help lessen pollution caused by the livestock industry and reduce the use of land and resources.
  • Increase production without utilizing more land. Undeniably, agriculture requires rich soil for high-quality products, therefore, exploiting forests for farming becomes a problem. Food Tech and Agri Tech can solve this issue by improving farming techniques to increase production on the same land without having to exploit forests for more production.
  • Reduce food waste by recycling. Consumption creates waste and, today, food waste accounts for over 33 million tons. At present, Food Tech innovations are helping to recycle food waste such as USA’s Re-Nuble startup who recycles food waste to biofertilizer. This helps to reduce waste, improve the plantation process, and increase production quality all at the same time.

It can be seen that Food Tech is significant to every sector, ranging from human to the planet. Examples we shared are some ideas that are being developed into products. In the future, there will surely be more ideas in the Food Tech industry. Follow us here for more updates.