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The FinTech Gold Rush and Disrupting Tech by Ripple’s CEO – Brad Garlinghouse at the Faster Future Forum 2018

DIGITAL VENTURES March 18, 2018 5:06 AM


  • Brad Garlinghouse, business influencer, well-known for the Peanut Butter Manifesto in 2006, who became Ripple’s CEO in 2015.
  • In 2016, Ripple became an example of SCB’s joint venture in FinTech, the first Thai bank who has invested in the Blockchain business technology.
  • In 2017, more people are interested in Ripple for its cryptocurrency works.


Ripple is a system well-known for its safety, fast processing, and suitable for use within large organizations. Yet, the Faster Future Forum 2018: Unlock Blockchain event that Digital Ventures and SCB organized last March 12 shared many more interesting topics. We were honored by Brad Garlinghouse CEO of Ripple who traveled to Thailand to discuss his view on FinTech and Blockchain to over 600 executives, entrepreneurs, startups, and the press. He shared on the topic “Fintech and Blockchain on the Rise” in a talk with Paul Polapat Arkkrapridi, Managing Director, Corporate Venture Capital of Digital Ventures.


Getting to know Ripple through their CEO

Brad believes in Blockchain especially in terms of solving problems of security. Ripple don’t see themselves as a Blockchain company, but they solve problems and provides solutions for payment. This payment uses Blockchain to serve customers who are global financial institutions.

Ripple’s success derives from 3 elements.

  1. Understand banking and payment.
  2. Robust technology and excellent product solving real problems.
  3. Abiding by the regulations.

Many may think that Blockchain in FinTech will circumvent banks and regulators. However, Ripple sees things differently. They think no organization will disappear while Ripple will step in and help enhance banks’ performance in the tech era.

The rise of Blockchain and looking forward

Some refer to the future Blockchain as the new internet. An expert such as Brad doesn’t dare to predict where this technology will go next. He mentions that 20 years ago no one could have predicted that the internet will give us on-demand cars, food, or dog walking services. Brad sums that Blockchain, similar to the internet today, is a technology that has the capability to grow.

Additionally, he was asked to predict that aside from FinTech and cryptocurrency, which industry will Blockchain be involved with? This too is difficult to predict. He explains that, surely, Blockchain will sooner or later affect and influence any business that has a medium. Brad believes that the first business that Blockchain will disrupt is the Cloud Storage which uses a medium in its process.

How much should businesses be involved with this disrupting technology?

Regarding the use of Blockchain in Fintech, Brad stresses that there are two viewpoints, the developer, and financial institutions. From a developer’s view, it is able to understand the concept of Blockchain and specify its strengths and applications.  In terms of financial institutions, it is able to see problems that need to be solved in order to offer better services. When combined, they are able to develop platforms from Blockchain to fulfill financial services. Even though this technology may be capable of disrupting the world, Brad mentions that everyone doesn’t need to know the about technology behind Blockchain. This is similar to how users don’t know about the system behind Internet or Email but are still able to benefit from its ability.

Ripple is developed from Blockchain to become an inter-ledger protocol. It has the ability to combine several Blockchain networks and seamlessly exchange information. This system is an important concept for international currency exchange with less cost. Also, it supports micro-transactions and omits the limitations of service charges for on-demand and Internet of Things.

Lastly, Brad Garlinghouse shares about the Peanut Butter Manifesto for entrepreneurs from his experience as Senior Vice President at Yahoo. Paul asked about the Peanut Butter Manifesto which is one of Brad Garlinghouse’s famous stories. His experience in 2006, when he was Senior Vice President at Yahoo, provides a great idea for those looking to create a business model. It is about allocating resources as vastly as possible but resulting in an “overly thin” situation which makes the company not good at anything. This is compared to spreading peanut butter all over a piece of bread.

Brad confirms as CEO of Ripple, “don’t try to be all things to all people. you must know what problem you are trying to solve, and you need to be laser focus on that problem.”

These are brief captures from the fascinating fireside chat. For the full version, please visit the link below. We hope to be sharing more interesting stories from this event.