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China as the world leader in Quantum Computer development

DIGITAL VENTURES July 26, 2018 4:58 AM


Despite being an advanced technology in its early stage, yet Quantum Computing is much spotlighted by tech enthusiasts. Recently, Digital Ventures has also shared about Quantum Computing. In terms of the leaders in Quantum Computing development, aside from countries who have longed developed this tech such as the USA and Europe, another tech leader in Asia like China is also taking the lead. They have tangible deliverables and a clear Quantum Computing development plan. Let us get to know more about Quantum Computing in case studies from one of the world’s tech leader like “China”.


Actively driving an implementation plan using tremendous investments with world’s top experts.

China’s support in Quantum Computing is systematic. They have a concrete plan, invest the proper amount of resources, and recruit world experts to drive the development. This can be classified as follow:

  • Acknowledge that Quantum Computing development is a “National technology development strategy”.

In the “Scientific and Technological Innovation 2030 project”, aside from AI (read about AI in China), China mentioned Quantum Computing in the plan. They focus on R&D for this technology in order to support spin-offs in the future.

  • Tremendous investment and building

The R&D plan can’t happen without the proper resources. The Chinese government announced a 10 billion USD investment for the National Laboratory for Quantum Information Science in Anhui. This city is set to be the country’s science hub while the center is scheduled to open in 2020.

This number, when compared with other countries, is very high. Today, companies in the USA’s total investment in R&D for this technology only amounts to 200 million USD. 

  • World specialists as the team leader.

Human resources are one of the core drivers of research. China has appointed a physicist, Pan Jian Wei, as the leader for Quantum Computing development. In 2017, the journal Nature named Pan Jian Wei among the top 10 people who mattered in the year, with the label “Father of quantum”.

Substantial Quantum Computing success by Chinese researchers.

Aside from policy, resources, and human resources support, China also houses substantial Quantum Computing accomplishments as follow.


  • China succeeds in sending the world’s first Quantum communication satellite to space.

China is the first country to send a Quantum satellite to space for experiments in the Quantum communication network. The experiment will receive and send information via the satellite. It will connect the computer on earth with the satellite (and also between satellite and satellite) using Quantum. This will become a highly secure communication network faster than the speed of sound which hackers are unable to intercept or steal information. This will be greatly beneficial for confidential data transmissions such as by the government, military, or others. This is China’s significant achievement that exceeds other nations in terms of technology and cybersecurity.    

           Physicist Pan Jian Wei (Credit:

Chinese researchers are building the world’s fastest Quantum Computer.

In July 2018, physicists from the University of Science and Technology of China, led by Pan Jian Wei announced the success of building an 18-Qubit Quantum entanglement. This is higher than the previous 10-Qubit Quantum entanglement. This is Pan Jian Wei and his team’s accomplishment that shook the Quantum Computing crowd in 2017.

  • “Quantum Radar” – Disrupting conventional radar with Quantum.

Today, we use radars to track aircraft for air traffic control. However, they have limitations with an inability to track in some surfaces, thus, some aircraft manage to avoid the radar. As a result, Quantum Radar was created with the entangled particle concept that tracks changes of the tiniest particle. China has announced the success for this technology in 2016.

It can be seen that China’s complete incubation has led to useful development and widespread innovation of the future. China has numerous success stories regarding their technology, follow Digital Ventures for more updates.

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