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When technologies can change the world, what happens to human? Catch the future with Brett King, a world-renowned futurist.

DIGITAL VENTURES August 04, 2017 10:49 AM


Digital Ventures got the opportunity to invite Brett King as one of the speakers at the Techsauce Global Summit 2017. Audiences overwhelmingly welcomed our speaker which was considered as the highlight of the event. In this story, get to know more about Brett King and read a summary of the talk “Transforming the Next-Gen Customer Experiences in the Digital World”. Brett King is one of the most influential individuals in the world Fintech industry. He is the author of the best sellers in the Amazon website such as Bank 2.0, Bank 3.0, and Augmented. He is a well-known speaker for numerous events in over 40 countries worldwide. At Techsauce Global Summit 2017, Digital Ventures invited Brett for his first talk in Thailand.

Transforming the Next-Gen Customer Experiences in the Digital World

Disruptive Technology - Technology is rapidly transforming; how has it change our lives?

Brett foresees that technology will develop at a leaping pace and forefront the future business and industrial sector in areas as follows:

  • Medical innovation

In the future, there may be innovation that helps with diagnosis and cures today’s severe, incurable diseases such as heart diseases, Parkinson, Alzheimer, or even cancer. Medical technologies will advance to the point that human genes can be modified to treat sicknesses. 3D printing will also be printing human organs like artificial kidneys using patients’ cells.

  • Smart infrastructure of the future

Technology will combine with the basic infrastructure of the country in different aspects such as logistics with robotic auto-pilot that drives and delivers items. Amazon has begun to deliver parcels using drones which have replaced their human employees.

  • Smart energy

Solar cells will become the major source of energy replacing oil or electric power. It will merge with other technology for future development.

Nonetheless, Brett mentions that technology is like “yin and yang”, it needs balance because it has both good and bad. Brett raised an example about Donald Trump’s plan to move the manufacturing base for Apple’s computer parts to the United States. Yet, as robots are replacing human labor, this means that so much people will lose their jobs. Moreover, the fact that AIs are creating their own language, a language that only two AIs can understand, proves a bit worrisome. If software developers cannot understand the language, then the future may be out of human control and become a threat to humankind.

What should humans do when technology can change the world?

This is a question that everyone needs to embrace and underline. When technology is changing at high speed, Brett mentions that human shall exercise one important skill, the adaptation skill. Human must always adapt and prepare for technology changes. In the future full of disruptive technology, those who can adapt will survive.

Image summary of the session by Brett King at the Techsauce Global Summit 2017

“Your ability to learn and adapt is the skill that you need to start practicing to,day.

It will become the most valuable skill in the future.” - Brett King.