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Marketing in the Digital Era: As new generation marketing requires deep tech, a story by TinyEpicBrains

DIGITAL VENTURES April 30, 2019 2:37 PM


Previously, Digital Ventures discussed the use of deep technology in various industries. Today, we will share about deep tech marketing solution which will offer new possibilities especially for offline media that once had a pain point when acquiring consumer insights. TinyEpicBrains, one of the R&D finalist from U.REKA who is developing a marketing solution from deep technology, will share their views about this topic.



Problems when acquiring consumer insights: From analog to digital

Prior to arriving at today’s digital media age, we used to collect marketing data with methods that deliver broad results. For instance, in television, we collected data by randomly installing boxes in homes or, with physical media such as advertising signs, the method was to manually count eyeballs. Thus, the data were rough numbers and the measurement were estimations. 

After the arrival of technologies that popularized digital channels, media measurements had more alternatives and were meticulous, especially in online media where data were very specific. This includes click rates, click positions, session duration, and consumer identity data. Marketers now have information to support campaigns that will easily drive their business. This is coupled with the widespread trend of online media usage which rapidly advanced online consumer insight data.

Nevertheless, many products and services still see themselves as more suitable for traditional media. This resulted in the demand for digital tools that will uplift marketing practices. TinyEpicBrains views that today’s deep tech can also deliver marketing solutions to fit traditional media. They can provide businesses who utilize traditional media with insights that are also good enough to advance their business and be on par with those who use online media.


The changing trend in seeking consumer insights

Digital solutions offered marketers with detailed consumer insights like never before. These insights are the main reason why most businesses choose to market on the digital platform. However, some consumers don’t prefer the digital platform as their main channel. Instead, their preferences are television or out of home media. 

TinyEpicBrains views that, in Thailand, a large population who lives in rural areas choose to purchase products and services from the influence of television advertisements. This is especially true for the elderly who are familiar with this solution and have high purchasing power. Collecting data from this group requires integration of digital solutions and analog user experience.



Offline to online: A new path for consumers with deep tech’s help

TinyEpicBrains is one of the finalists from U.REKA who has created a deep tech solution specifically for marketing. This solution is embedding QR codes in videos without having to show the actual QR code. 

TinyEpicBrains uses machine learning to analyze videos into pixels. These pixels are codes that are invisible to the naked eye but can be seen by smartphone applications. The code is a channel for consumers to enter the online platform, thus, bridging the offline and online world.

This solution has disrupted the media production industry as no QR code is seen on the video. It unlocks the opportunity so advertisers can be fully creative. Also, it eliminates the pain point of not scanning in time, QR code being too small, and other limitations that comes with showing QR codes on screens.


Moreover, when consumers enter the online platform via this method, the insights will be more detailed. For instance, it will show the minute that the code is scanned, the platform that the video is viewed, consumer journey, call to action success, and also the place where the code is scanned. Surely, as this solution prevails, big data will emerge, and machine learning must be used to analyze patterns so that marketers can create appropriate and direct to the point campaigns. 

Deep tech can be applied to various sectors even in marketing where art skills are integrated to create interest and drive businesses. TinyEpicBrains was able to advance from tech experts to creating innovation via U.REKA‘s support. At present, U.REKA is recruiting professors, researchers, and scholars to join the team and build innovation that will support the country’s key industry via deep technology. Applications are open from now until May 3rd at