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What if “education” can enhance “Deep Tech” and “Deep Tech” becomes a foundation for “education”

DIGITAL VENTURES August 11, 2018 4:56 PM


It is predicted that in the near future, Deep Tech will play a more significant role in society in various aspects. Also, it will lead the world towards a knowledge-based economy. Although Thailand is quite aware of Deep Tech, yet aspects such as “education” that drives Deep Tech and helps the ecosystem attain sustainable growth, still has gaps and opportunities that can be fulfilled in different forms.

Today, Digital Ventures will share how education is important to Deep Tech development.

Education is the foundation of effective Deep Tech development.

  • Correct ideas, knowledge, and understanding will allow people to better realize the significance of Deep Tech development. People often can’t distinguish between Deep Tech and Disruptive Tech. In fact, Deep Tech is a technology that requires thinking and comprehending the process. It involves time for research before arriving at an innovation. While Disruptive Tech is a technology that alters our way of life. It doesn’t necessarily need to undergo an extensive research process as in Deep Tech. Today, several technologies belong to both categories, thus, it may cause misunderstandings that Deep Tech development doesn’t consume time. Also, some may overlook the importance of education development which is the foundation of sustainable Deep Tech development.
  • Research-based innovation, creating sustainable innovation with research. Research is the beginning phase and belongs to the education process that leads to innovation. If education doesn’t complement in-depth research, it may obstruct or delay the innovation development process. Orapong Thien-Ngern, CEO of Digital Ventures mentioned at the U.REKA launching event that “We must build the Deep Tech ecosystem that is healthy from the beginning (R&D) to the end (commercialize and successful in the real sector).

An example is the Perception team who is developing the Augmented Reality (AR) technology. This is a Deep Tech technology development that began the AR research in the Ph.D. level. As a result, the research is systematic with in-depth research that can be applied to actual products for different industries.  

Human resource development will bring about long-term Deep Tech development. An example is Quantum Computing research that, nowadays, the number of Thai researchers in this field is much lower when compared to other countries. Thus, the knowledge for such technology in Thailand is very limited. A similar problem is happening to Deep Tech such as with AI application and development for Thai users. In the past, it hasn’t been as successful due to the lack of developers who need to be fluent in Thai and is a profound AI expert.


The attempt to encourage education that supports Deep Tech development.

“Education” is the source of innovation. Thus, for the country to compete in the knowledge-based economy, Deep Tech experts are suggesting to simultaneously foster the Thai education along with Deep Tech development.

  • Deep Tech teaching tools that cultivate inspiration.

In order to create awareness regarding the significance of Deep Tech, an effective method is to bring the technology into schools in the form of teaching tools. For instance, the Perception team has developed the AR technology by creating 3D outputs that project deep into screens or floats as holograms, all of which, gives realistic texture and perspective. It uses the perspective correlated render technology to develop the perspective using sensors and detect movement of the users’ eyeglasses. These glasses are normal in size and are not special ones that are attached to bulky equipment. Moreover, the weight of the glasses is similar to normal glasses, thus, audiences can continue to wear them for a longer period of time without the eyes feeling weary. Aside from technology development, the Perception team intends to develop this special AR as teaching tools in schools. They believe that once children experience this technology, it can inspire and ignite creativity which will lead to the development of knowledge in the future.

  • Reduce the gap to increase Deep Tech understanding via education.

In order to prepare and provide opportunities for the next generation to tackle Disruptive Technology, Deep Tech knowledge management is highly significant. The QuTE team are experts who are profoundly studying about Quantum Computing and hope to apply this technology for better use. They intend to pass on the basic knowledge about Quantum Computing to as many people as possible by simplifying complex content. Aside from basic knowledge understanding, the QuTE team hopes that knowledge sharing will help increase individuals who can continue to develop this technology in the long term.

At present, both the Perception and Qute team are in the incubation phase with the U.REKA project. Surely, for their intentions to succeed, support from the public, private, and academic sector, as well as the developers, is crucial.

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